Testimonials Of Members

Influence of the project members on children mainly concentrates in three aspects:

Learning for fun: 

Enhance children’s sense of involvement and achievement. Arouse their interest and motivation for learning.

Comprehensive quality promotion: 

By leading children to participate in a wide range of classes such as handicraft class, drama class and speech class, as well as various activities, the project members can help improve children’s ability to control their bodies, to communicate, to think abstractly and to interact with others, as a whole, to raise the comprehensive quality of the children. In addition, with exemplary performance and daily guidance, the project members can help the children to develop good characters and habits.

Spiritual counseling: 

The proportion of left-behind children is extremely high. Parents’ absence brings emotional and mental challenges to the children. the project members can help make the children heathy, confident and happy psychologically by accompanying them and communicating with them equally and patiently.

Once a 9th-grade girl told me that she appreciated meeting me at grade 8 because I understood everything about her, including those behavior thought even by herself as crazy. Now she has the chance to look back and realize her mistake. 

--- By Zhao Rundong, 2014 TFC project member 

The Youth Shoulder The Future Of China

TFC members can be honed and establish themselves in two years. Helping rural children receive appropriate education is the project’s initial purpose. Therefore, the members need to understand the real problems with rural education and learn the specific methods to solve them and keep the spirit for two years. TFC will facilitate the members’ growth on exploring problems, grasping the methods and sticking to the preliminary thoughts. Those who obtain experience during the two-year program keep caring for education problems, with their knowledge on rural area, their confidence for solving the problems and their methods to resolve the problems, they will push the society to develop continually and create a better future for China. 

The students’s low test scores, problems faced by the students  and misunderstandings from the parents inevitably make us feel frustrated. However, we still can find happiness. Even though changes made by us are little, at least we tried. Or we could just be mediocre people feeling negative and backing out all the time. Nevertheless, I won’t give up any one of my students due to objective conditions.

--- By Yan Lili, 2013 TFC project member